Safari Days Fragrance Diffuser

Safari Days Fragrance Diffuser


Why we Love this...

A tribute to the natural beauty of the African Bushveld Safari days  is inspired by the truly majestic South African plains where magnificent Rhino Leopard and Lion roam,A wild new fragrance with a top note of earthy patchouli which blends effortlessly with the woody notes of cedar,sandalwood and wild sage creating a rich and spicy aroma which pays homage to the untamed African Bushveld.

Cape Island is kind to the environment Distinctive & Opulent, it has a strong focus on high quality natural ingredients micro-batch production and ethical packaging.


No harmful sulphates and parabens

Not tested on animals

Completely biodegradable

Made from natural plant based oils


Fragrance Notes

Spicy Patchouli combines with a woody earthiness and a hint of Wild Sage.....



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