Clifton Beach Diffuser

Clifton Beach Diffuser


Why we Love this...

The sweet captivating notes in Clifton Beach of coconut & vanilla are expertly layered with tolu balsam and a zest of lime which offer the fragrance a fresh and alluring hook.The coconut note has an energising and uplifting effect on the mind and the body,easing anxiety & tension.

Cape Island is kind to the environment Distinctive & Opulent, it has a strong focus on high quality natural ingredients micro-batch production and ethical packaging.


No harmful sulphates and parabens

Not tested on animals

Completely biodegradable

Natural base of almond oil & coconut oil

Fragrance Notes

Clifton Beach where sun-warmed coconut combines with the opulence of tolu balsam and a zest of lime

Approximate Lifespan

6-8 weeks



Delivery available within 5 - 7 working days