Beach Bat Set

Beach Bat Set


27 X 8 X 40

Why we Love this...

Our proudly South African made Beach Bats are the perfect gift to enjoy a day at the beach at a park and on the lawn at home.

While it does require more strength and skill to wield this Boomer Pro the results are exponentially better.

Offensive (attacking)shots are significantly more powerful dynamic and follow a flatter trajectory .The key to a great offensive shot is the footwork bat preparation and balance.Defensive play using a Boomer Pro is also improved due to the bats greater density (weight) there is a larger sweet spot allowing for the easy defensive chip shot.

Boomer Pro weight  515g - 565g (18oz - 19.5oz)


27 X 8 X 40


Wood: Mahogany  Colour : Mahogany & Ash