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Anomaly Living is an online luxury lifestyle store 

Each item selected has evident craftsmanship, beauty of design, functionality and an unspoken enhancement of that elusive lifestyle we all so often dream about.

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By joining Anomaly Living, you become part of a luxury brand with access to an engaged and sophisticated customer base around the globe.

Products we sell

Our team is in the process of sourcing a wide range of lifestyle products suitable for a luxury home,safari style living, beach life and pets from furnishings to accessories, linen,towels,kitchenware,dinnerware, games,clothing to natural beauty products

What we're looking for:

Distinctive style

Exceptional quality

Bespoke products that allow for customisation and/or personalisation.

To apply as a seller on Anomaly Living we would like to know a bit more about your company and the products you sell. We require you to supply high quality photographic images of your product in order to be considered.

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